Exploring Jungfrau and Interlaken in One Day

Ever dreamt of exploring Europe? Showing up from one Country to another using your Schengen Visa? Or seeing the Alps from your window seat flight? If your answer is yes, yes and yes! Yes exploring Jungfrau and Interlaken in just one day is not impossible.

My trip to the Southern part of Europe was brief and hectic however, the beauty and grandeur of this country are just wow. 

Why hectic? Coz we booked this trip in a travel agency and the day to day activities are packed and overwhelming. One thing that I liked about it was well organized. We were given ample time to explore places.

The first day started when we arrived at Zurich International Airport on a Friday afternoon, the sun was still up and the weather was cool. I describe it as sweater weather. 

A shuttle bus picked us up from the airport and drove us to an apple farm for dinner. While waiting, the farm owner toured us around the area and let us pick some apples.

After a sumptuous dinner, we headed to our hotel checked in and had a good night sleep for an early wake-up call the next day.

We were woken up early on our 2nd day. After a hefty breakfast from our hotel, we boarded the shuttle and drove through wherever our guide will take us.

The views are mesmerizing, especially it is still early in the morning.

The dew on the trees added a sparkling effect when the sun touches its leaves or branches. This is where the mountain kisses the clouds.

The bus ride took about an hour and 30 minutes including the mandatory photo ops. Upon our arrival in Lauterbrunnen, we took a train ride to Kleine Scheidegg. It was the last stop to Jungfraujoch (Tops of Europe).

We needed to transfer to a cogwheel train from Kleine Scheidegg to Jungfraujoch from here onwards you will have an elevated train ride in a tunnel until you reach two mini stopovers  Eismeer ( 3010m) and Eigerwand ( 2685m).

If there were few of you on the train then you can take a good photo from both stopovers if not then you can take more photos once you’re on top.

After a couple more minutes you’ll arrive at the entrance of Jungfrau. It is located on top of Europe with an elevation of 3,571 meters or 11,782 feet above sea level. Being bored is not a problem.

We were blessed with good weather that day. With a clear blue sky, cool weather and slight sunlight though when the wind blows you’d feel a bit chilly.

After a few minutes appreciating the view from the outside. We went in and enjoyed the inside.

The inside was spectacular. First stop was the Ice Palace, the only thing you will see is ice, ice and ice. The long, narrow hallway and the slippery floor were made of ice. With ice sculptures in every corner. 

As you walk through, you will be in Alpine Sensation, it’s a 250-meter long corridor between the Sphinx Hall and Ice Palace. It bears the memorabilia’s of the workers who made the Jungfraujoch railway possible.

As you exit, you will be in Lindt Swiss Chocolate Heaven. You know what to do…

We bought chocolates then headed out, enjoyed the view while waiting for our companions.

We spent almost 6 hours on top including the train rides.

I’m totally amazed by train rides here in Europe as it’s so magical. Feeling like your on a fairy tale movie especially in the winter season.

We pass by Staubbach Falls – one of the 72 waterfalls of the Lauterbrunnen Valley and is located right next to further water spectacles such as the Trümmelbach Falls, which are cut into the rock. ( source myswitzerland.com)

Our eyes were full of wonders as we go back to our shuttle yet the day is not yet finished.

Upon hopping into the bus, the guide handed us our pack lunch as we drive through our next stop.

I decided to take a nap as it will take an hour to reach Interlaken, however, you cannot resist the view on the way.

Our guide drops us in Interlaken and lets us alone explore the area. We strolled and explored around. The best thing to do here if you have enough time is to try Paragliding (did not try it as we were not informed ahead of time.. sorry). We just watch the paragliders descend from above.

After an hour or two, we meet our guide in Casino Kursaal which is behind the Grand Victoria Hotel. Located on the east side of the casino is Spycher restaurant where we will have an authentic Swiss dinner with Folklore Show.

There were singing, dancing, singing again with the locals. The language used is not recognizable as Switzerland has four national languages) yet it was fun and very entertaining. The whole show will take you on a journey to a Swiss Culture complete with yodelling and dancing. You might even get a chance to get on stage and blow an Alpine Horn.

The dinner was enough to complete our second day plus a bonus of overflowing red wine.

After hours of yodelling, we headed back to our hotel and prepare for the next day activity.


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