Six Reasons Why I Love Dubai

I have been living in Dubai, UAE for more than six years now. Even so, my relatives or friends outside of this beautiful country always ask me. What do I love about the city? Why should I not move to another country like Canada, the US or Australia? What makes you stay in Dubai? Do you not miss your country ( The Philippines)? Reasons why I love Dubai?

My answer always differs depending on my mood. Or sometimes I evade the question and don’t answer. It’s like evading the question Why are you still single? When do you plan to get married? Bla Bla… ( anyone who can relate)🤣I’d rather travel. 😅😇

One thing though, I love the city ( it’s hard not to fall in love with it) for many reasons I can’t enumerate them all. Aside from the weather, architecture and fast-growing economy. I can only come up with my top reasons why I love Dubai.

Six reasons why I love Dubai

Safe and Secure – Rank 28th of the safest city in the world based on SCI2019 Results while Abu Dhabi is on the 27th. I could walk in the park at night without worrying to be mobbed. The crime rate, theft or anything unusual is extremely low. I once left my cellphone on a table in a mall then get it back after a few hours. We happen to left a bag in a park chair but is still there when we get back. You won’t believe how honest people here are in here.

Spoiler – Yes! Dubai spoils everyone. From a 24/7 food deliveries to an AED 10.00 worth of groceries, furniture and even medicine. Craving for pizza at 2 AM they will deliver it right at your doorstep. You can get everything delivered with just a flick on your phone.

Six Reasons Why I love Dubai - Delivery 24/7

Luxury at its grandest – Well, needless to say, If someone will ask me to define luxury in one word, my answer is “Dubai”. Starting with the luxury cars sprawling the streets and alleys. Police Lamborghini Cars, Maserati to Rolls Royce. You name it, Dubai has it. Burj Al Arab – renowned as 7 Star Hotel is also here. 2nd largest shopping mall “The Dubai Mall” – where you can find all kinds of luxury brands like Chanel, Hermes and LV.

Six Reasons Why I love Dubai - Dubai Police Car

Easy Access – whew! Being in Dubai allows me to explore other countries. Easy access to the world. It is one of the reasons why my blog is up running right now. This city is in the middle of everything. It’s like a central hub of the world I say. Easy access to visa applications. Additional countries I could visit using my stamped residence visa. Easy access to healthcare and medicine. When you are in Dubai, it feels like you can achieve everything. Easy access to nightlife and concerts; from a local to international concerts that fit your budget.

Six Reasons Why I love Dubai - Easy Access

Tax Free Salary – who would not want a tax free salary?😊☺️Yes! I get to take home my salary in full. No deductions unless you have bank arrears or anything. 

Six Reasons Why I love Dubai

Unlimited Fun and Adventure – You don’t need to get out of the country to have fun and enjoy thrilling adventures. Dubai offers a variety of adventures for all ages. Summer in Dubai but you wanted to try skiing – we have Ski Dubai in Mall of the Emirates. It’s an indoor Ski Resort open all year round to cater to your needs. We have Dubai Parks and Resorts for all ages. Motion gate for those thrill seekers and Legoland for those young and young at heart. No need to drive for a couple of hours to get to the beach. Pack your swimsuit, grab a cab and take that five minutes drive to the beach then take a plunge in La Mer, Kite or Jumeirah Beach.

Dubai Desert Fun
Desert Fun
Burj Al Arab
Beaching 😅

If you have been here in Dubai or if you are staying here now. What are the reasons that you are still in the city and why? This reasons why I love Dubai is not enough to describe it, however, it’s a good reason to visit the city.

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Happy Travels!

Six Reasons Why I love Dubai

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