Travelling with Friends? Yay or Nay?

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Not everyone can dine at a restaurant, watch a movie, walk in the park or travel alone. Everyone is unique in his own way and a reality check,  travelling alone is not everyone else’s niche ( that is acceptable).

The word travel excites me the most. I travel alone once or twice a year and do the same with a friend/s which is awesome🤔…..sometimes? Often? 🤣

Your friends can either ruin your great adventure or share a one of a kind experience of a lifetime. It’s a make it or break it experience. Enjoy or destroy. Up to you! There are pros and cons. Nonetheless, it’s always your choice.

Here are some points to consider. 

BTS with Friends

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  1. Tensions and Conflicts – Not because your friends mean you’re made for each other. No! More often than not, you will have conflicts of food, places to visit, waking up early, splitting of bills and etc…
  2. Loss of Privacy – Certainly! Sharing a room with your besties will cut down your expenses. Although, sometimes this will increase tensions and conflicts. When you are about to sleep, then suddenly bestie turns up his Netflix’s volume. 🤯
  3. Losing the opportunity to meet others – this will definitely happen as you will lose the urge to communicate with others, to a local or a guide. There is no challenge and effort to talk with random people. Why? You have your friends with you. You will be preoccupied with their presence and lose interest in interacting with others.
  4. It’s always a group decision – things will not always go the way you want. Remember that you are travelling with your friends and every opinion and suggestion matters.
  5. Burden – of taking good care of someone or the burden of prioritising them before you. In this case, you will not be able to enjoy your trip. i.e your friend having to pee when there is something important that needs to be done.🤦‍♀️


  1. The more the merrier or the fewer the better! – Whatever it is. It’s always double or triple the fun making memories and stories. You will do everything together from planning to cramming. You will not be sitting alone at the airport waiting for your flight or seating with a stranger in the plane. 
  2. Safety Assurance – Of Course! Who would not feel safe if you are with someone your comfortable with? Your friend will be your comfort and safety zone.  They will be your family during the trip. If you lost your cash you have your friends to rely on. And if you’re unwell, they will be there to take good care of you. It is still recommended that wherever you go and whatever you do. Make sure that World Nomad takes good care of you!.
  3. Affordable and Cheaper – This is given when you are travelling with a group of friends. It is much more affordable and cheaper. You split your bills of everything from a taxi fare, accommodation, food and tours. It’s double the fun and cheaper the expenses.
  4. Easy planning – Easy but messy. 😂The planning is easier because you have someone to help you out with the details. It will be a bit messy as you will need to consider everyone’s preferences but this is where the fun and adventure begins.
  5. Photographer – perks of travelling with friends is having a personal photographer. You do not need to make an effort setting up your tripod or taking a selfie for that OOTD ( outfit of the day)  you prepared. All you have to do is pose and shot. 
  6. Getting Lost – The excitement of exploring more when you are with your friends. Forgetting about your ideal itinerary and just walk off the beaten path. Enjoying the unexpected twist and turns of the journey without being scared. Lastly, you being confident that you’re with someone when the need arises.

Travelling solo is and will always be my choice. I love the freedom of exploring things on my own. Nevertheless, I can’t still deny that travelling with my friends is not a bad idea. Sharing common experience and adventure is liberating and exciting. It will be a great bond with you and your friends.

Happy Travels!

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