Why travel now and not later!

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yes! I too was guilty. I’m one of those many people before who wants to travel but always put it off. Why? for a lot of reasons, one of which was confidence. My confidence succumbed to me being introvert until just recently. I was afraid to step out of my comfort zone. I kinda regret it now but still not too late to explore and discover.

Well, I would say there is no better day for travelling but today. Don’t wait for the exchange rate to be higher nor lower or for the plane tickets to be much more expensive. Instead, wait for the day of your departure and feel the excitement each and every day that you wait for the D Day.

Whilst I could list down hundreds of reasons to travel, here are 6 reasons why you should travel now and not later.

Sunset in Georgia while the plane is taking off.
  1. Affordable flight tickets – affordable, not cheap. Airlines tickets are much more affordable now comparing to before. Anyone who is earning an average salary will be able to afford tickets from budget airlines or avail for deals and promos. i.e one of the airlines in The Philippines sometimes offers a 1 Peso fare or .020 USD base fare. Wow! that is what you call promo.
  2. Good for your mind, heart, and soul – haha not only for the broken-hearted but for everyone. If you’re looking for peace, serenity and to get lost without having to care for someone who knows you. This is your chance, chance to learn who you really are; create new and meaningful relationships; to indulge yourself in a new culture or language; to take a plunge into a new adventure of your life.
  3. While you are young, wild and free – don’t wait for you to age to travel but travel while you age. The exciting things you can do now, might not be possible as you age. Travel while you are healthy and at your best.
  4. Relax and Enjoy – Take a day off from the hustles and bustles of work life. It’s a way of restoring your drained body and mind. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you booked a flight ticket to Canada if you are in Dubai but just a day or two glamping at the beach or taking an adventure tour to Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. We have a different definition of travel; however you define it, take that courage and go for it.
  5. Create stories and memories – you will definitely have a lot of this. Memories worth for keeps and stories worth to tell not just to your friends but to your children and great-grandchildren. Stories to inspire others and memories to make you smile.
  6. You can – yes! you can, it’s what you need, it’s what you want, it’s what you like and it’s what you’ve been putting off for a long period of time. Don’t hesitate and book that long-overdue weekend or holiday you’ve been dreaming of. Make it a reality and not just a dream.
Freedom, Happiness and Fulfillment.

Watch ya waiting for? Book now ☺️

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Happy Travels!

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