Bernina Express Experience

(Highlights of Switzerland..last part – 1st part of My Journey to Italy)

Unravelling the beauty of the Alps… hmm

If you don’t have enough time to explore Switzerland, then the Bernina Express is a good option.

This may not show you the whole country however, you will have a glimpse of what the country could offer, aside from the fact that you could cross the border from Switzerland to Italy.

It was my fourth and last day and Switzerland and this is the reason why I  mentioned in my previous blog that train rides in Switzerland are magical.

I was born and raised in a tropical country so is why the weather here is new for me. Lush green trees are common for us but ice peaks are not. Lakes are common but Ice Lakes are not. This is a few of the many things that are new for me including this whole new train ride.

The ride will take you to a magical world of stunning landscapes from green lush trees, lakes and incredible ice peaks.

Bernina Express – a train ride connecting Switzerland and Italy by crossing Swiss Engadin Alps( An alpine region in Switzerland). In 2008 the Rhaetian Railway in the Albula/ Bernina Landscapes was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The first rail line in the world that was photographed and put on google street view. ( source: Wikipedia)

Both Directions:
1. Chur - Tirano
2. Davos - Tirano
3. St. Moritz - Tirano
Chur - Tirano - 4.5 hours
Davos - Tirano - 4.5 hours
St. Moritz - Tirano - 2.5 hours
Bernina Express Website
Bernina Express Website
Operations: All year round

Words are not enough to express the thrill and excitement. None less here is a bunch of photos to convey my feelings. ☺️

Our Train Crossing the viaduct.

We arrived in Tirano, Italy pass 12 noon. We had our first lunch in Italy on a pizzeria and took a couple of photos in the streets of Tirano.

After an hour or two, our shuttle arrived. On this day our journey to Italy started.

The journey from Tirano to Padua was more or less four hours uphill and downhill. We arrived in Padua, Italy pass 1900H had our dinner and had a good night’s sleep.

More of My Journey to Italy on the next upcoming blogs.

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