Where to next? (planning your next trip)

Right after my plane arrived home (Dubai), I always asked my self where to go next?

I haven’t even stepped out of the plane, in my mind, I’m already browsing the countries I have not visited (more than a hundred more).

In most cases, you cannot just pop up at the airport and head to the country you want to see. You need to consider a lot of factors especially if you have a regular job like me. I tell you, this is not an easy task and even my friends ask for help most of the time.

You need to decide if you want to try mountain climbing in Mt. Pulag, Philippines or explore the clear blue waters of Maldives? Would you rather see the Alps in Switzerland or explore the Renaissance frescoes inside the Vatican City?

Deciding where to go next is not quite easy. It takes time, research and your wanderlust. I have jotted down my basic list and hope this one helps. Fire away and comment below if you feel like something is missing.

  • Destination – choosing the place you want to see is immensely important as this will give you an idea on the things you wanted to do or try. Picking the right destination at the right time will make the planning easier and smooth.
  • Activities – you can consider this as number one coz it will immediately determine the place or will make your plan easier to commit. i.e listed on your bucket list is Skydiving – the top three best places for skydiving is in Hawaii USA, Fox Glacier New Zealand or Dubai UAE. This will help you a lot in the next step.
  • Length of Stay or Trip – you can figure this out depending on your holidays or leave ( if you have a regular job) or depending on the activities you have listed in number 2. If you listed 10 items, you cannot just tick those in your bucket list in one or two days yeah? It will be easier to consider the next list.
  • Budget – destination, activities and how long you will stay are decided. Now you need to research your cost or check on your intended budget. How much will the transportation cost? Your accommodation – will you go backpacking or Airbnb or a luxury hotel? How much will the activities cost? Everything can be checked online now and the exact price for each activity or hotel is also listed, you don’t need to assume. As for me, I usually booked my 1st-day activity online then do the rest once I get to my destination. I allocate $100.00 as an allowance per day for my trip ( excluding plane ticket) but will include hotel, food, activities, etc.
  • Visa – this needs to be considered depending on your passport. If you have a Philippine passport-like mine you can check here for the list of countries we don’t need a visa, visa on arrival, electronic visa or visa required. For other nationalities please check here.
  • Book your ticket – here comes the exciting part. This is the part where I start feeling all the excitement. If you research there are websites that will allow you to compare tickets from one airline to another. There is even an app who reminds you if it’s the right time to buy your ticket or will ask you to wait for a few more days. I usually check a specific website i.e Skyscanner once it shows the cheapest airline, I’ll go directly to the airline’s website and book from there. Base on experience, it’s cheaper most of the times.
  • Book your accommodation – booking your accommodation can be done anytime you want. A lot of hotels now offers free cancellation on a certain date with breakfast and anything. Backpacking hostels are much more affordable and Airbnb is famous, you can find a great deal anytime. Hotels Combined can you help you choose the hotel that suits your need.
  • Travel Insurance – always and always buy travel insurance. You might have an insurance ( provided by your company) or (yes! You are healthy), I get it. This is different. Your company insurance will not cover your lost luggage. Your delayed or cancelled flight. This is a must yet every traveller I know neglects it. You’ll never know what happens. And it is still better to be prepared and protected than sorry. You can get your quote with World Nomads.
  • Call your card company – Almost if not everyone prefers cash. But in any case, call your bank and inform them about the period of your stay and the country you’re about to visit. It’s one way of informing your bank that you’re on the go and there might be transactions to be carried upon within your travel period. This is to prevent your card on getting blocked due to fraudulent alerts of using them in a different country. I bet — you don’t want to run out of cash while on the go. (SCARY!!!)
  • Pack – its time to get ready. Pack your things depending on the weather of the country you’ll visit. Don’t overpack, pack what is necessary.
  • Exchange Cash – Always exchange cash ahead of time. The most common foreign currency used is USD. Exchange a hundred box for food and transportation then do the rest in the country you will visit. I suggest not doing it at the airport.heh
  • Welcome aboard and Enjoy! – Wait for the DDay. Make sure to do online check-in’s, head to the airport and board the plane! Yalla! Enjoy and Have Fun!!

Travelling for me is a form of relaxation. For a short period of time, I get to free my self from the hustles and bustles of city and office life.

So, whichever country or city you will choose, the number ONE rule is to enjoy and have fun. Free yourself from stress and worries.

Try things you never did before. Face your fears and defy your limits. Remember to take photos as these are the only inexpensive token you get to keep. Absorb the knowledge and new experience as this will be the revenue you can keep for life.

Ciao and Happy Travels!

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