Mt. Titlis and Lucerne in 12 hours.

Another day, another adventure. It’s our third day and as usual, we woke up early for today’s activity. We had a heavy breakfast from the hotel, hop on the shuttle bus then off we go to our next stop. The sky was dark on this day and there was a bit of drizzle in the early morning. It was bedroom weather that day and I was able to take a nap on our to way to Engelberg to explore Mt. Titlis and Lucerne in 12 hours.

The sky was still dark when we arrive at Engelberg Station and the queue of tourists in line to take the Titlis Xpress Cable Car is already long we had an adequate time to chit chat. 🙂

We were grouped with other tourists as it’s an 8 seater cable car that will take you 2850 meters above sea level. Once the cable car ascends you will feel the air whisking left and right (scary) and a sudden jolt on every station or tower you cross. After a few minutes, you will alight and move to Titlis Xpress Trübsee then transfer to the stand of Titlis Rotair – the world’s first-ever revolving car that will take you to the summit with a stunning 360-degree panoramic view of Titlis.

Right after you hop off the cable car, the cold wind from the mountains will welcome you and the view of the sea of clouds surrounding you. It’s surreal you can’t believe that this God’s gift is just in front of your eyes.

After tons of picturesque shots of the view, we then went to the Ice Flyer.

The Ice Flyer – is a jaw-dropping ride to the Titlis Glacier Park that can accommodate a maximum of six persons. Once you are seated on the chair and the lifts move forward you will find your feet hanging. Once it descends to the next station, your eyes will pop up with the beauty you will witness all the way down. It’s one of a kind glacier experience showcasing virgin snowfields from 10 meters to 20 meters depth or even deeper. The snow was sparkling like the stars once the sun hits them.

A slippery platform will welcome you upon making your way to the glacier park. Make sure you are wearing suitable winter shoes as you need to walk a few meters before reaching the park ( you don’t want to be stuck on the ice with your branded shoes for minutes).

There was a lot to do in the park but the only open during or visit was sledging using a plastic or rubber designed for the sport. You are typically on a prone or seated position then a friend or you can push your self to slide down.

Once you’re done, a carpeted conveyor belt is waiting on the side of the park designed to get you back quickly from the start.

After a few more rounds, we stopped and headed our way back to the main viewpoint. 

Right after you alight the lift from the Ice Flyer you can proceed directly towards the Titlis Cliff Walk as the entrance is just a few steps away.

The Titlis Cliff Walk – is Europe’s highest hanging bridge made with steel cables. Its elevated 3020 meters and a 500-meter drop. A more than 100 steps nerve rocking and heart-pumping experience. This is not for the faint-hearted, inhale a bunch of air once you start walking, exhale then shout loud once you’re done.

Once you successfully overcome the cliff walk, you will then see stairs going down the cliff. The view on this side of the mountains is quite different from the other side. The other side feels like you’re on top of the clouds, wherein this side feels like your in the Himalayas. You will see the sun high up glistening at the tip of the mountains saying hey good morning, welcome to Titlis.

Once you follow the stairs down you’ll reach the entrance to the Titlis Glacier Cave. The cave was open when went there but we did not go in as we prefer exploring the outside. We only had a photo of the entrance with the couple we are with during the trip.

Titlis Glacier Cave – the cave was bathed in a dim turquoise-blue light. The air is so cold that tiny white clouds appear when you breathe. A magical world of ice awaits! This glacier cave forms the frosty heart of TITLIS. The ice here is up to 5,000 years old. The cave’s 150-metre-long walkway descends ten metres below the surface of the glacier. Exploring the glacier cave is a cool experience. The temperature inside the cave remains a frosty -1.5 ̊C. ( source from 

We spent half our day in Titlis and had a great time playing with snow and taking photos here in there. Pass 12 we went down to Trubsee Stand and had our lunch at Berghotel Restaurant. Our lunch took an hour and a half then we headed back to our shuttle.

Once we hop into our shuttle we then make our way to our next stop Lucerne. Our trip from Engelberg to Lucerne took about 45 minutes. Our guide drops us again in the middle of the city and gives us 2-3 hours of free time to roam around just like we did the previous day. Branded and luxury shops are around the corner mostly for a watch. I collect watches but yeah it’s quite expensive so we skip the stores and explore the streets instead.

Lucerne – the last town we visited and the most populous town in Central Switzerland as per Wiki. Right after we set foot in this beautiful town, we headed our own way and look for The Chapel Bridge.

The Chapel Bridge – A wooden and the oldest covered bridge in Europe that was built in 1333. It is the cities most famous landmark. Seating beside the bridge is the medieval stone tower or Water Tower which serves as a dungeon on the medieval times.

Lake Luzern ( Lucerne) – is the 4th largest lake in Switzerland. You sure will not miss the lake once you visit the town as it was surrounding the area. Along the shores of the lake are scenic view’s of local houses, paddle or motorboats, castles and the like.

Church of. St Leodegar – is a twin needle towers which was name after the cities patron saint. A catholic church sitting just above the lakefront.

After roaming for a few hours, we meet our guide near the lake where a yacht is waiting for us. We then boarded the yacht and take our seat for an hour cruise to enjoy the view from a different perspective.

They will hand you over an audio guide once you enter the boat then you can seat anywhere you want. We choose to seat on the lower deck front side.

The sky was dark when we started as if it will rain and it stays that way the whole trip, the mountains were hiding from us. However, the view’s from the lakeshore was still stunning.

After an hour of the freezy and breezy cruise, we alighted in front of the KKL building and head our way to look for our shuttle bus then back to our hotel to freshen up for dinner.

Our guide told us that the restaurant ( forgot the name) was just 10 minutes walk away from our hotel, but as you can see got loads of photo on our way though I only uploaded two. hahaha

Oh yeah, if you have noticed we were the only one on the streets that time. Most establishments close between 17:00 – 19:00H, pass that time you will see them inside their house, restaurants or pub on a weekend. But surely enough seldom you will see anyone on the streets as we did.

To sum our day up, it is amazing. Switzerland is the country that I will return to every time. Its beauty and grandeur captured my heart I’ll never forget.

Happy Travels! Ciao!

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